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Create and file minutes online 

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Host your entire minute book

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Keeping Minutes 

Creating resolutions and minutes for your or your client's company--and approving them--has never been easier. Qualegal's online minute book provides standard templates and then pre-populates them into the tool, so all you have to do do is fill in the blanks.  Then, with the click of a button, you call for an online vote, and resolutions are approved without paper or hassle.  Register for the free trial to see how cool it is.

Pricing & Packages 

Take advantage of the free trial to get started.  But don't worry that you will choke on costs afterward.  Qualegal's prices are easy to swallow.   

  • The basic package is just $40 per year and gives full access to Qualegal's tools with reasonable limitations on document uploads and users. 
  • The corporate package costs $80 for the first year and $40 thereafter. It gives access to everything the basic package does PLUS scanning and organizational services to get you started.  Just send us that box of corporate records collecting dust in the corner of your office, and you will be up and running in no time.
  • The unlimited package costs $150 per year and includes everything the basic and corporate packages do with no limitation on document uploads and numbers of users per account. 



Send us an email at service@qualegal.com with any questions you have. 

We would love to help you get started.



Qualegal Videos

Here is the first Qualegal Video with some basics about keeping minutes (warning: slightly hokey).

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Kim, Sheree, George and Shareen
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